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Spilling The Tea On Beautiful Skin

Photo credit: Nappy During the cold winter months, I like to get cozy with a hot cup of tea. There’s something comforting about wrapping my hands around the warmth of the teacup. The heat travels through my body and rests gently in my core. It evokes a feeling of relaxation that tames my winter chill. I’m also comforted knowing that my tea works wonders for my skin. I’m always looking to naturally improve my skin health. One place to start is on the inside. External applications of skincare products only enhance your outer glow. When you’re looking to get your glow on, look to the inside. It may sound trite and clichéd, but what’s going on inside your body manifests...

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Ancient Egyptian Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Photo credit: Bruce Mars Ancient Egyptians gifted us with some of the best skincare secrets. Their desire for healthy, youthful skin was widely regarded for women and men. Due to the importance of looking ageless, we get to reap the benefits of their beauty products today. This ancient recipe will help you keep premature wrinkles at bay. It consists of sweet almond oil and frankincense. Sweet almond oil contains vitamins E and K to aid skin regeneration. It's a light oil that soaks into the skin rapidly leaving a silky smooth finish. Frankincense combats inflammation, regenerates skin cells and reduces the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles.   ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM 1 oz amber/dark-colored glass bottle with dropper or...

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