Our Story

Robbin Turner, Founder, Violet Botanical Skincare


Mission Statement

Violet Botanical is committed to using the purest plant-based ingredients for healthy skin care.


Our Story

In 2014, I began researching natural remedies to help relieve my husband's and son’s eczema. Slathering themselves in steroid creams filled with toxic petrochemicals and synthetics was not an option.

I thought about all the times my grandmother would make homemade remedies. I immersed myself in books about African herbalism, ancient Egyptian aromatherapy, Southern folk herbalism, and modern-day herbalism.

I was surprised to find out that a lot of the remedies my grandmother used to prepare for minor illnesses, which we jokingly called, ‘old wives remedies,’ were found amongst the textbooks I read.

I was slack-jaw. My grandmother never put a name to anything she whipped up. She always described these concoctions by their contents, physical features, and where she stored them.

Eureka! “So that’s what that stuff was called that she gave us.” It all made sense now. These were herbal remedies passed down from generation to generation from our homeland on the continent of Africa. My ancestors never wrote them down. They were just passed down from memory.

I was excited to recognize the decoctions, tinctures, and salves she made. Especially since they cured our ailments! If it worked for all of those generations down to me, then I was going to take up the torch.

Armed with my newfound information and vigor, I ventured to make my own products. Therefore, I’d have peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients are in each product and that they will be effective.

Guided by these time-honored African formulations and centuries-old ingredients like Shea butter, nutrient-rich oils and essential oils, I handcrafted my first body butter.

Not only did my two favorite guys have success with the body butter for their eczema, we all used it as a daily body moisturizer. The positive changes in our skin were visible to the naked eye. Our skin took on a healthy glow and soft touch.

This was great. I had to find other test subjects. I tested the body butter on family and friends. They were good sports about it and no one was harmed during testing. Actually, they all liked the product and the results they saw in their skin.

I credit the success of the body butter to my forefathers, who knew how to live in harmony with the earth and its ingredients. I sourced the purest, organic and/or wild-harvested, ingredients I could find. I researched vendors, read every page on their website, requested samples and called them with additional questions. I vetted them thoroughly before I partner with them.

Riding high on the response of the body butter, I meticulously tested formulations for body wash, body scrubs, body oils, and bath salts. I knew this journey was going to be a labor of love. I was determined to create a skincare line that people would be passionate about. It was out of this passion and desire that Violet Botanical Skincare was born.

I invite you to experience the magic and awaken your nirvana.

Warmest regards,

Robbin Turner, M.Ed.