Our Story

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage plant-based skincare by embracing connections to ancestral African healing herbs.


Our Story

My journey to founding Violet Botanical Skincare began in 2014 while researching natural remedies to relieve my husband's and son's eczema. Slathering themselves in steroid creams filled with toxic petrochemicals and synthetics was not an option.

I reflected on my grandmother's homemade remedies, African remedies passed down from generation to generation. With peace of mind knowing what ingredients are used, I set out to make my own products. Guided by time-honored African formulations and ancestral plant-based ingredients, I handcrafted my first body butter, and Violet Botanical Skincare was born.

From the hands of women’s cooperatives in rural southern Africa to our supplier in Gaborone, Botswana to you, we ensure that our ingredients are the purest, most distinctive and effective high-quality natural cosmetic butters and oils. They are ethically and sustainably wild-harvested to support the long term viability of the harvesters’ communities. The harvesters receive consistent and fair wages to provide meaningful income opportunities to help improve the lives of their families.

Warmest regards,

Robbin Turner, M.Ed.

Founder and Botanical Formulator