Handcrafted, Time-honored African Skincare

Harmonizing body and nature with African herbal skincare for radiant, healthy skin.

From the hands of women's cooperatives in rural Botswana to you

Gentle Cleansers That Hydrate, Moisturize

  • Woman's rubbing Nilotica Shea body butter into shoulder


    I love everything about this body butter...the fragrance, its smooth airy silkiness, the way my skin feels, its fluffy texture...I can't get enough of it!!!!!

    ~Debra D.

    Queen of Flowers Nilotica Shea Body Butter 
  • Egyptian Oil After the Shower

    I can't wait to get out of the shower to use this oil!! It is moisturizing and softens even the roughest skin!

    ~Christine S.

    The Egyptian Marula Body Oil 
  • Sweet

    I really enjoyed this body wash for its sweet lovely fragrance and its great moisturizing benefits to my skin. Thank you for the sample body oil and wonderful card enclosed.


    Queen of Flowers Body Wash 
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