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Meet Our Featured Community Member: Nancy

Nancy shares how she combats her dry skin with Violet Botanical Skincare. "This has really been a lifesaver because as I got older, again, my skin just got so dry and so flaky and I'm so thrilled to have found it. Thank you." We’re all born with a skin type -- oily, combination, or dry. Your skin type can also change with age and seasons. If you have dry skin, your skin doesn’t produce enough sebum (natural oils). Your skin feels dry all over and you’re more susceptible to premature skin aging. Some common signs of dry skin are: flaky, itchy, sensitive, tight and dull skin.  Oil-rich moisturizers are your friend, especially in cold, dry weather. The Queen of Flowers body butter has...

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The 10 Best Tips To Manage Your Eczema

You have an itch, you scratch. The itch continues and you continue to scratch. You notice it turns red, gets itchy bumps, blisters, begins to ooze and crusts over. Those were the first signs that I knew something was wrong. My husband and son have eczema, but their condition didn’t manifest in that manner. I decided to go to my doctor. She looked at it. Asked if had been in a sauna or hot tub. Well, as a matter of fact, I had just gotten back from vacation where I spent a lot of time in the poolside hot tub. Aha, she diagnosed my rash as ring worm. She sent me off with a prescription for antibiotics to heal my...

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Waterless Beauty Is A Good Idea And You Can't Convince Me Otherwise

Water is the number one ingredient used in the cosmetics industry. Thousands of liters of water are used to produce finished skincare and beauty products. Water scarcity is why waterless beauty is a good idea and you can't convince me otherwise. via GIPHY   Did you know most cosmetics are 60-95 percent water? Cream formulations contain 60-85 percent water. Lotions contain up to 90 percent water. Shower gels and shampoos contain up to a whopping 95 percent water. If water use in cosmetics adds to water scarcity, why do manufacturers use it? Simple: water is a solvent and it’s inexpensive. So you’re paying top dollar for some beauty products that are mostly filled with an inexpensive ingredient—water. To add insult...

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