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Blue Light Protection For Skin

Blue Light Protection for Skin from Violet Botanical Skincare on Vimeo.   As we're working from home and using electronic devices more, we're exposed to more blue light. These two ingredients will provide blue light protection for your skin and discourage premature skin aging.

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Hydrating Body Wash

How do our body washes keep dry skin at bay? Two star ingredients: 🍯Honey, which is a humectant that retains moisture in your skin. ✨Castor oil, which contains triglycerides to help maintain moisture in your skin. It's simple. No smoke and mirrors. No toxic ingredients. Just pure botanical ingredients that have been successfully used for thousands of years. Click here to shop our hydrating body washes.

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Beauty Ingredients Matter

Photo credit: Dwayne Turner   We take our mission statement, “…committed to using the purest plant-based ingredients for healthy skin care,” seriously. That’s why we’re adamant that beauty ingredients matter. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We want you to rest assured that we source the purest, organic and/or wild-harvested, ingredients we can find. We research wholesalers, read every page on their website, request samples, and call them with additional questions. We vet them thoroughly before we place an order. Click here to read about the plant-based ingredients we use to formulate our collections. And we added a little fun fact about each ingredient.

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