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Did You Know This About Shea Butter?

Shea butter is gold in color, but it's gold ✨ to African women. Millions of women across the continent are gainfully employed and earn money for their families selling shea butter. It feels good helping American women and families nourish their skin while nourishing economic opportunities for African women and families. That's what I call a, "win-win."🙌🏽

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Buy Food That Nourishes Your Body And Your Skin

Listen-in to my convo with Amy at the The ATTAINABLE Podcast as I share the benefits I've seen firsthand, after switching from mainstream products and a "standard diet", to my very own Violet Botanical Skincare plant-based products, and a plant-based diet based on whole foods with whole ingredients. "We need to let our bodies work like the fine tuned machines they can be if we allow it to happen." ~Robbin Turner

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