Blending Essential Oils

The lab cam caught me blending essential oils for our Queen of Flowers aroma.
A well-balanced aroma works together in harmony. It has good synergy.
Essential oils are classified by three notes. These notes help create the harmony, or synergy.
Top note - it's light; evaporates quickly (e.g. rose).
Middle note - the core, or bulk, of the blend (e.g. jasmine).
Base note - it's a richer, heavier scent that evaporates slowly (e.g. ylang ylang).
I blend the essential oils in a test tube before adding them to the fatty oil (carrier oil). Next, let the blend sit and mature.
When the essential oil blend is ready, I incorporate it into the fatty oil and then into the overall product.
The best part - my lab smells wonderful and it puts me in a happy mood. That's the power of aromatherapy.

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