Egyptian Blue Bottles

Egyptian Blue Bottles

Violet’s signature cobalt blue bottles and jars pay homage to the “Egyptian Blue” phials, or bottles, of antiquity. The aromatic oils and perfumes from the ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ inspired elegantly designed bottles. During ancient Egyptian times, this deep blue color was costly and challenging to produce, but was widely popular.

Why are we so particular about the color of our bottles and jars? Colors played a significant role in symbolism for ancient Egyptians. Colors were used to convey meaning and images of greater power. Dark blue (irtyu) was one of the six main color groups in Egyptian antiquity. Dark blue symbolized fertility, rebirth, and the power of creation.

Blue glass symbolized the Nile. The creator god, Amun, is often depicted in artwork with a blue face. Pharaohs emulating Amun often had a blue face or hair in artwork. Ancient Egyptians also designed jewelry out of blue glass and lapis lazuli.

Violet’s bottles are environmentally friendly. They are manufactured with soda lime glass comprised of 30 to 50 percent recycled content. Recycled glass saves the Earth’s natural resources and it uses less energy to melt the raw materials.

Honoring the symbolism of rebirth, when you have finished your aromatic blend of Violet Botanical Skincare, its new life begins. Wash out your bottle or jar by hand with mild soap. Select some fresh cut flowers and voilà, a beautiful bud vase.


Bamboo Spoons

Ancient Egyptians also used decorative spoons for dispensing solid unguents and incense. They were intricately carved wooden spoons depicting women in intimate settings.

Violet espouses the ancient Egyptian practice of dispensing your body care products with a wooden spoon. We include eco-friendly, 100% bamboo spoons with our body care products.

 Silver Foil Pouches

Cleopatra was well known for her therapeutic baths. It relaxes the body and soothes the soul. Violet wants you to enjoy the same rejuvenating benefits without sacrificing the environment. Therefore, we use eco-friendly, recyclable pouches.

Our silver foil stand-up pouches protect your bath salts from odor, light, moisture, and puncture to maintain ingredient freshness. When you have thoroughly enjoyed your bath salts down to the last scoop, simply put the pouch in the recycling bin.

Honoring the symbolism of rebirth, like our Egyptian blue bottles, our silver foil stand-up pouches begin a new life as the main raw ingredient for plastic tables, park benches, and dog toys.

Black Velour Pouches

Violet Botanical’s velour pouches are classic, elegant, and timeless just like the ancient Egyptian queens. In addition to being a rich and luxurious fabric, our pouches are also reusable.

Honoring the symbolism of rebirth, our black velour pouches begin a new life as a special pouch for your jewelry, treasured keepsakes, holiday ornaments, or small knickknacks.