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Back to Basics: Clean Living - Part II

We embraced the first half of our back to basics journey, clean eating, with open arms. Once we started down that road, we did not look back. Nor did we want to look back. We saw positive effects in our health, particularly our immune system. During cold and flu season, we stayed healthy. That’s nearly an impossible feat to accomplish with a school-aged child. After reading clean living blogs and articles, I realized that we needed to do something about our personal care products. Our skin is the largest organ on our body. It serves as a protective barrier against external contaminants like bacteria.  Our skin is also porous. It absorbs a large percentage of what we put on it....

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Back to Basics: Clean Eating - Part I

When I mention to someone that I cook from scratch as much as possible, make my own personal, health and beauty, laundry and household products, common reactions I get are: “You do? Why? How? You can buy that in the store.” I chuckle inwardly because that was my reaction years ago when someone told me the same. Now, I’m walking in those shoes trying to inform curious minds about my family’s journey back to clean eating and natural living. It all began about three years ago when a friend recommended that my husband and I watch the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. In this documentary, Joe Cross, a man suffering from an autoimmune disease and on more pills than...

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