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Sex: The Fountain of Youth

The secret to looking younger, especially in your older years, is a healthy sex life. Not the casual, will he call me tomorrow kind of sex, but a healthy loving relationship with a consistent partner. Dr. David Weeks, a noted neuropsychologist and former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, said that regular sex has a multitude of health benefits that can make you look five to seven years younger. How often do you need to orgasm? Let’s find out. Dr. Weeks interviewed 3500 people from Europe and the United States who believed they looked and felt younger than their age. The interviews revealed that the participants engaged in sex at least three times per week. Healthy...

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Let's Talk Dirty

  Okay ladies let’s talk dirty. I’m talking about germy, odorous, crumbly, bacteria-laden makeup. When was the last time you subjected the contents of your cosmetics bag to an inspection of time in service, color, consistency, and odor? If you took more than a minute to answer that question, your makeup and skin might be at risk for contamination. Below are the life expectancies of commonly used cosmetics. Blush powders have two-years; creams have one-year. Keep your blush clean by washing your brushes one to two times per week and not using your fingers, which causes skin oils to get into your blush. Retire your blush when it becomes hard and chalky. Concealer keeps your blemishes undercover for one year....

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Oh My Dry Hair!

 Crunch! Snag! Snap! No, that’s not the sound of your favorite breakfast cereal. It’s the sound of dry, brittle hair compliments of Old Man Winter (and Ra, the Egyptian Sun God). The cold winter (and hot summer) temperatures have a way of wreaking havoc on your hair, but you can defeat it with an amazing butter. Mango butter is a soft, mildly sweet smelling butter extracted from the kernels of the mango. Mango butter has been used on hair and skin for many centuries. It contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, and oleic and stearic fatty acids. The fatty acids are what give mango butter its intense moisturizing qualities and emollient properties, which make your hair and skin soft and...

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Does Your Neck Age You?

  Have you admired a woman’s glowing skin? Even skin tone? Smooth, wrinkle free texture? Then you descended to her neck and décolleté (bust) area with a screeching halt! What’s going on? Her neck and décolleté areas look like they’re suffering from neglect. The key to this problem is extension. When you cleanse your face include the your neck and décolleté area in your skincare regimen. French women have practiced this for years.   The skin on your neck deserves to be treated like your face. As you cleanse your face extend your cleanser down to your neck and décolleté area. The same is true for exfoliating. Be gentle when you’re exfoliating because the skin on your neck is more...

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Avocados: Your New BFF

As I sit and write this article, I laugh to myself about the fact that a few short years ago, I was a die-hard avocado hater. I’m talking President of the Avocado Haters Club. Yep, I couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to eat green mush. I just couldn’t get past the texture. Fast forward to today and I am a die-hard avocado lover. I love avocados in my smoothies, on my sandwiches and burgers, and in my salads. I also use avocado oil when I’m cooking. Why the sudden change? Two reasons: I live in Southern California and you can’t escape avocados and secondly, avocados are good for your skin, hair, nails, and overall health. I guess I convinced...

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