Women's Beauty Secrets Revealed

Ancient Egyptian beauties like Nefertiti and Cleopatra are revered for their healthy, glowing skin and hair. Their names are synonymous with beauty. How did they achieve these high standards of beauty? Let’s delve into some of their practices that are used today.

Focus on skincare. Develop a DIY skincare routine that includes oil cleansing, facials, and dry brushing. You can make a face serum by infusing rosehip seed oil with pure carrot seed oil, tea tree oil, frankincense and geranium oils. These oils are anti-aging, even out skin tone, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

Bathe with the intention of relaxation and restoration. Harness the power of bath salts made from Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan Pink salt, Mediterranean salt, seaweed, goat’s milk, and essential oils. Bathing is a way to release toxins from your body, receive the nutrient rich minerals in sea salts, and soften skin.

Layer your scents. We’re all familiar with this tip. Apply fragrance items with the same scents. (e.g., soap, body mist, shampoo, body oil, moisturizer, perfume). This compliments your overall fragrance wardrobe. Your fragrance lasts longer without overdosing. You don’t want to leave a room, but your scent lingers for five to ten minutes. Most importantly, you won’t fragrance clash. That’s the unfortunate experience of wearing two competing fragrances. Nobody wins in that situation.

Keep your makeup simple. Less is more. Choose a mascara and eyeliner or mascara and lip color. Maintain two go-to shades of lip color. Have one neutral shade and one statement color. I recently read about a woman whose makeup collection rivals department store counters. She said she stopped counting her lipstick after 350 tubes. Keep the rest of your face clean and natural. You can keep it really simple with three basic items: tinted anti-aging moisturizer, lip gloss, and an eyelash curler.

Give your hair some love. Treat your tresses to regular hair masks. Make sure to address your specific hair needs. Minimize heat appliances on your hair. They’re drying and give hair that brittle look and feel.

Lastly, keep your nails natural. Get a good manicure, buff, and keep the nail bed conditioned with moisturizing oil like olive oil.

Now that the secret is out, what are you waiting for? Practicing a dedicated skincare routine is how these ancient Egyptian queens earned their coveted beauty status. Women worldwide have nurtured their beauty by embracing a natural skincare regimen. Any woman can have natural beauty. It’s just a matter of developing your routine and being dedicated to it. Remember, beauty is not about vanity it’s about proper skincare.