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5 End-of-Summer Skincare Tips

  Are you feeling the end-of-summer blues? Don't fret. There’s one summer benefit you can maintain – your sun-kissed summer glow. You can strut into fall with healthy-looking, moisturized, soft skin.  Signs of Sun Damage Before you begin your fall skincare regimen, first do a summer skin check-up. If you enjoyed long summer days outdoors, by the end of the summer you may have noticed changes in your skin. Below are signs to look for, if your skin has suffered sun damage. If you have any of these symptoms, now is the time to address them with a skin renewal regimen. Darker age spots Increased freckles Rough skin Dull skin Dry skin Blotchy skin tone Weathered, chapped lips Rosacea (red...

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5 Tips for Glowing Skin

Photo: Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios As I watched the movie, Black Panther, I marveled (no pun intended) at the beauty of the women’s skin. Lupita Nyong’o’s, Danai Gurira’s, and Florence Kasumba’s skin were flawless like they had been hand-dipped in rich chocolate. I thought − no amount of Hollywood smoke and mirrors can produce skin so radiant. The secret to flawless skin lies within your skincare routine. I’m talking about a routine that goes beyond basic cleansing. Below are five easy things you can do right now to achieve a royal glow. Dry Brush Your Skin Daily Dry brushing before you shower or bathe helps unclog pores. It cleans pores allowing your skin to breathe to aid in acne and blackhead...

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