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Work With Me Wednesday: Whipped Body Butter

Welcome back to another day in the lab. I'm glad you can tag along to Work With Me Wednesday. In October, I began experimenting with Mafura butter. Mafura butter is found in Mozambique and Southern Africa. In rural Southern Africa, it's used as a skin and hair moisturizer. Mafura butter is traditionally used for healing, moisturizing, treating acne blemishes, and skin problems. Mafura butter: absorbs quickly into the skin, spreads easily, is non-drying, strengthens and softens natural hair, and alleviates dry itchy scalp. Last week I made a lavender-infused organic Mongongo oil. Mongongo trees are found in Zambia. It's also known as manketti in other African countries. The locals use it in personal care products for its healing and nurturing...

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Did You Know This About Shea Butter?

Shea butter is gold in color, but it's gold ✨ to African women. Millions of women across the continent are gainfully employed and earn money for their families selling shea butter. It feels good helping American women and families nourish their skin while nourishing economic opportunities for African women and families. That's what I call a, "win-win."🙌🏽

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Beauty Ingredients Matter

Photo credit: Dwayne Turner   We take our mission statement, “…committed to using the purest plant-based ingredients for healthy skin care,” seriously. That’s why we’re adamant that beauty ingredients matter. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We want you to rest assured that we source the purest, organic and/or wild-harvested, ingredients we can find. We research wholesalers, read every page on their website, request samples, and call them with additional questions. We vet them thoroughly before we place an order. Click here to read about the plant-based ingredients we use to formulate our collections. And we added a little fun fact about each ingredient.

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