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Egyptian Women Are Setting New Beauty Standards

  As more and more African American women are embracing our natural, God-given curly hair, our Egyptian sisters are joining the movement. Sisters are boldly and proudly shunning Eurocentric standards of beauty that plague us. Fighting nature, forcing our hair strands to betray their natural characteristics is ridiculous. I can attest to the countless hours, wasted money, burned scalp, and crocodile tears in search of this quest. I’m positive that women of color can share at least one horror story involving chemical or hot-comb straightening their hair to fit this unrealistic beauty standard. Every time we betray our natural hair it screams in revolt by reverting back to its natural state, drying out and/or dying while fighting the good fight....

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5 Tips for Glowing Skin

Photo: Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios As I watched the movie, Black Panther, I marveled (no pun intended) at the beauty of the women’s skin. Lupita Nyong’o’s, Danai Gurira’s, and Florence Kasumba’s skin were flawless like they had been hand-dipped in rich chocolate. I thought − no amount of Hollywood smoke and mirrors can produce skin so radiant. The secret to flawless skin lies within your skincare routine. I’m talking about a routine that goes beyond basic cleansing. Below are five easy things you can do right now to achieve a royal glow. Dry Brush Your Skin Daily Dry brushing before you shower or bathe helps unclog pores. It cleans pores allowing your skin to breathe to aid in acne and blackhead...

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The Power of African American Women

Photo credit: Hust Wilson on Unsplash The power African American women wield is real. This is not some newfound power. It’s power that African American women possessed throughout the history of America. During the Civil Rights Movement African American women were considered the backbone of the movement. They organized demonstrations, helped educate others about the struggle, fought for justice and equal rights to effect social change, improve and preserve our communities. Out of this struggle to improve the lives of people of color, as well as themselves, African American women developed a determination of will that’s not waning any time soon. It’s disheartening to hear African American women hate on other African American women. We’ve endured enough oppression, subjugation, and...

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