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We're Staying Home To Prevent The Spread Of Novel Coronavirus, But Are We Unknowingly Spreading Other Germs In Our Home?

Photo credit: Chastity Cortijo   We're all staying home to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus, COVID-19. We're working, having dance parties, #stayhomechallenges, and virtual everything. BUT...are we unknowingly spreading other germs in our home? Let’s talk about in between your sheets. Don’t worry; I’m not talking about 50 Shades of Gray who’s in your bed kind of details. I’m talking about what’s in your bedding. Let’s face it, some of us are not changing our bed sheets often enough. Not to point fingers or place blame, but guys, you need to clean up your act. A survey revealed that single men change their sheets four times a year. WHAT? That’s equivalent to once per season. Every three months. Every...

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