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Is Soap Drying Out Your Skin?

Does your skin feel dry or tight when you get out of the shower or bath? That could be your bar soap. Bar soaps have a higher pH, which means it may dehydrate your skin. I want to tell you some ingredients to look for when you're looking for a soap. First, look for a liquid soap, preferably an oil-based liquid soap, which has a lower pH. It's beneficial to sensitive skin and holding on to moisture in your skin. Below are some ingredients you should find in a nice moisturizing oil soap. Castile soap. Although it has soap in the name, Castile is actually an oil-based soap. Years ago when they originally made it in the Castile region of Spain,...

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5 Tips to Manage Your Eczema

Here are five tips to manage your eczema. For more tips, check out The 10 Best Tips to Manage Your Eczema. Our wild-harvested, organic Marula body oils moisturize, relieve and protect dry, chapping skin. They improve skin hydration, smoothness and reduce redness. Marula oil is a healing oil that can be used on your face, feet, and hands. It's suitable for all skin types.

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Meet Our Featured Community Member: Nancy

Nancy shares how she combats her dry skin with Violet Botanical Skincare. "This has really been a lifesaver because as I got older, again, my skin just got so dry and so flaky and I'm so thrilled to have found it. Thank you." We’re all born with a skin type -- oily, combination, or dry. Your skin type can also change with age and seasons. If you have dry skin, your skin doesn’t produce enough sebum (natural oils). Your skin feels dry all over and you’re more susceptible to premature skin aging. Some common signs of dry skin are: flaky, itchy, sensitive, tight and dull skin.  Oil-rich moisturizers are your friend, especially in cold, dry weather. The Queen of Flowers body butter has...

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