Here's A Peek At The Botswana Women Who Harvest Marula That Goes Into Our Body Oils


Video credit: DLG Naturals BW

Marula "pips" - the inner stone of the Marula fruit, much like a plum - offers up oil rich kernels that can be processed into Marula oil.

The fruit is picked off the ground when ripe, by villagers, mostly women, in Southern Africa. One marula tree can produce up to 500 kg of fruit a year. The fruit is spread over the ground for several months to dry. The dried flesh is removed, often by beating the marula, as seen in the video. The “pips” are then cleaned and sorted, for eventual production of marula oil by DLG Naturals BW, located in Gabane, Botswana.

Excerpt from, Marula Harvesters in Botswana Prep Marula Pips for Organic Oil Production by DLG Naturals BW. Read full article here.

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