6 Reasons To Use Herbal Cosmetics

Why are you still using cosmetics containing synthetic ingredients that are affecting your health?
It seems like every week we're hearing about X ingredient in sunscreen that's affecting our health. Y ingredient in long-lasting makeup, you know the ones that last 12, 14, 16 hours a day, that's affecting our health. Z ingredient in hair care products that's affecting our health.
Why? Why do we still us these products, especially when there are better alternatives out there?
Herbal cosmetics are a better alternative. When I say, "herbal," I'm talking about ingredients that derive from a plant, sea, rock salt, or soil. It's naturally derived.
Here are 6 reasons to use herbal cosmetics:
1) They're compatible with your skin. Clinical and lab studies show the benefits of natural ingredients for skin care.
2) They have less side effects than synthetic ingredients.
3) They enrich your body with natural, plant-based, nutrients. Herbal ingredients have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins that are good for our skin.
4) Herbal ingredients improve the moisturizing effect on skin and overall skin condition.
5) They're suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin, there's an herb for that. If you have oily skin, there's a herb for that.
6) Herbal cosmetics are the oldest products used by mankind. They've been around for many millennia. Therefore, they have stood the test of time.
Herbal ingredients are an invaluable gift of nature. If they're cultivated properly they're sustainable and environmentally friendly.
That is why I love herbal cosmetics and I encourage you to switch out some of your cosmetics containing synthetic ingredients for herbal cosmetics.

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